Order a sim card

To enjoy our services, you need to start by ordering a free sim card. We promise that you will receive it at home in a maximum of 7 working days and that you will get £5 of bonus credit once you activate your sim card.



Get it delivered

Check your post box! Your sim will arrive very soon!

If more than seven working days have passed and you haven’t received your sim, please get in contact with us so that we can investigate the problem.



Activate sim card

Upon receipt, we recommend activating the sim card in order to get a phone number assigned. Giffgaff does not assign phone numbers until the sim card is active so don’t look for it printed on the sim card as you won’t find it!

If you are still not in the UK, our recommendation is to activate the sim card with just £10 of credit. Credit does not run out if you don’t use your mobile, so don’t be afraid of topping up even if you are not planning to come to the UK straight away.

Activate SIM card


Configure mobile internet

Calls and messages function automatically when a sim card is inserted into your mobile, but to be able to navigate the internet, you have to previously configure the giffgaff connection. Sometimes, depending on the terminal, we cannot do this automatically and we have to introduce the APN manually. To enable this, we offer the giffgaff APN configuration of every mobile on the market.

Configure internet


Recommend us!

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