How to activate a SIM card

1. Activate SIM

Go to the www.giffgaff.comwebsite and press the ACTIVATE SIM button.

6 digit code giffgaff

2. Introduce activation code.

Introduce the 6 character activation code which is printed on the card and press ACTIVATE to continue. Ignore the warning that you need a UK address to register the card as this is not true.

personal details

3. Register as a user.

Now you have to choose you unique user name, password and introduce your email address. You can only register a card with a user name. Once a user name has been chosen it cannot later be changed. The password must consist of a minimum of 8 characters of which at least One must be a CAPITAL LETTER and One a number.

giffgaff registration

4. Choose a tariff or activate with credit.

On this screen you have to choose the best tariff for you. Our personal advice is to ignore these tariffs and activate the sim card with credit. In this way, you will automatically receive £5 free extra credit and later you can exchange for the best 'goodybag' for you.

If you are outside of the UK I recommend you activate your 'goodybag' the day before you travel as it expires in 30 days and does not function abroad.

Using the trick of activation with only credit and later exchanging for the best 'goodybag' for you, enables you to gain an extra £5, and therefore buy, for example, a £15 'goodybag' for £10.

To activate the card with only credit 'press' ADD TOP UP CREDIT TO YOUR SIM.

select your plan type

5. Choose the amount of credit

The minimum amount is £10, and this is the amount I always recommend choosing, because then later, once you are sure everything is functioning correctly, you can add credit as and when you want. Also, when you choose the amount you want, (if you ordered the card through our site), you will always receive an extra £5 credit free.

airtime credit

6. Introducing personal details and address

Here you have to introduce your name, surname, date of birth (optional) and your UK postal address.


If you still do not have a UK address, you can use any of the following postcodes: NW3 4NA, N16 9DE, SW1V 1PG, W11 3NN, N16 9DE, SW1V 1PG…

personal details

7. Making payment

At this point you have to choose a type of bankcard, introduce the number, your name as it appears on the card, the expiry date and the 3 digit security code that appears on the reverse of the bankcard. In the address field, the address you entered on the previous screen will automatically appear.

making payment

8. Verification of payment.

Depending on the type of card and your bank, before the payment is finalized there is a possibility that you will be automatically redirected to the bank's extra security page where a verification code will be requested to confirm payment. This depends exclusively on your bank and not giffgaff. Sometimes they request some coordinates, a password, your PIN or in some cases an SMS is sent to your mobile. In this case, you will need to have your Spanish mobile with you.

9. Confirmation of payment and activation

Once payment has been accepted, giffgaff will activate your sim card. Normally this process takes a few seconds although, in some rare cases, a little longer.

Once your card is activated, it is fully operational and ready for use immediately. Enter into MYGIFFGAFF and you can see the number you have been assigned together with your balance.

payment confirmation